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My Gear

My Gear

The hardware and software I've chosen to use to take and make my images.

Camera & Lenses

I have always been a Canon user. It all started when I upgraded my Super 8 film camera, from an Eumig to a Canon. So when the time came to buy my first Single Lens Reflex (SLR) camera system, Canon was an easy choice.
At the time, I bought the Canon AE-1. The workhorse today, is my 5D Mark III. As a backup I have the 760D.
When it comes to lenses I primarily use Canon. I do use third party glass too. There are some really good lenses out there.

What brand, system you use, is not that important really. When you or anyone else for that matter views a photo or a painting hanging on the wall, do you ask yourself this question; 'I wonder what brand hammer and nail they used to put up that picture there?' I think not. The important thing is the impact the picture have on you, right?

Lights, Stands and other Equipment

A good sturdy tripod is a must and a monopod is something to consider. Its a jungle to choose from when it comes to tripods and heads. Manfrotto is the brand I've chosen. I do have an old Velbon too. In the studio there is a mix of light stands, for the strobes and flashes. Manfrotto, Godox etc.
Speaking of light, Yongnuo is my brand for flashes. They are really affordable and I will not weep blood if I destroy one of them. And believe me, accidents do happen out in the field. For the price of one Canon flash I get three Yongnuo flashes.  I use them extensively in the studio as well.
But the primary lights in the studio are the strobes from Elinchrom.

To protect my lenses I use filters from B+W. They are on most of the time, protecting the front glass.
They are definitely off when I use my Lee Filters. Back in the day I used Cokin Filters but have now switched to Lee Filters. The filters I use from their assortment are; Polarizer, Big Stopper and various grades of ND (Neutral Density).

There are other tools and gadgets in my bag for various types of photography and situations. I'm not going to list them all here. However, you'll find links to most of them, along with the brands already mentioned close to the bottom of this page.

From image Processing to Printout

Calibration! The single most important part in the whole process.
The calibration starts already at the photo-shoot, actually. For this I use the ColorChecker Passport, from X-rite.
I calibrate my monitors at a specified interval, using hardware and software from X-rite.
Having your equipment calibrated and using ICC-profiles for you printer and paper of choice, assures you that what you see on the monitor will be the same on the printout.
My choice of brand regarding printer, landed on Epson. Took me some time to come to that decision. The scanner is also from Epson. Very pleased with them both.

I'm a PC guy and I have yet to find an argument good enough to switch over to Mac. Most importantly, I know my way around PC's so I think I'll stick to them. As my main monitor for editing and retouching images I use the SW2700PT from BenQ.
For serious work it is not sufficient with a mouse. You'll need a pressure sensitive tablet and for that I use the Wacom Intuos Pro.

Now software.
The main actor is Adobe Photoshop a program I came in contact with in the mid 90's. I've been learning myself Photoshop since then and I'm still learning. It is such a complex and versatile program. A joy to use.
Also from Adobe there is Lightroom where I organize my images and do the basic editing in. Actually you can do quite a lot already in Lightroom.
Capture One from Phase One is another program for editing images, like Lightroom. As soon as I have a new laptop Capture One will be the choice for shooting tethered.

Final Note

What gear and when and why I use it will be covered over time. You'll find it in blog posts and probably in a tips, tricks and teaching section. This section will be the last one I will develop for this website.
In the meantime do not hesitate to write me if there is anything you'd like to ask me. These questions might find its way to a future Q&A page.


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