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Panadda Long

A good way to utilize the website, may well be to show a little of what happens Behind The Scenes.  As the first BTS out is the Panadda Long photo session, from May 1 2016.

My wife and a very active assistant, is in the process of trying to instruct today’s model on how she should pose. The benefit as I see it, with my assistant meddling in this, is that I get more poses out of each session. Sometimes you can get a little bit limited in the way of directing your model. But only sometimes 😉

I certainly try to get as many variations as possible, to get as broad a selection as possible when the editing work begins. Sometimes the force of habit is stronger than the imagination. It is then it is handy with an extra pair of eyes and a different mindset.

How the model is posing is just one piece of it all. A great pose is just a flat image if the image does not convey anything.  A feeling, a mood. It doesn’t matter how good the lighting is or how the model looks, if the feeling isn’t there.

For instance there can be a great smile on the face. But if the eyes is not there, the smile falls flat. Getting the model relaxed and inspired, is the most important ingredients in the recipe for a good portrait. The model and my wife are acquaintances, which helped to quickly get into the right mood. A little fun and laughter helps a long way.

After 4 hours of photographing, costume changes and a few cups of coffee it was time to download the images onto the computer. Together we had a first survey of the photos. Mostly to satisfy the curiosity of the model. Moreover in a larger format than the back of the camera. Later the final selection of the photos that passes my approval will be done. From these photos the model/client then selects which photos to take to the next step, retouching and printing.

We, … well it was I that really chose a photo, on which I did a quick retouch and styling on. This to let the model see and understand what it means. To get a feel of what level of retouching she wanted to have. The scale for retouching is certainly wide. Everything from ‘a la natural’ to ‘doll face’. After a discussion the client then decides what is to be done with the photos.

Below is the resulting photo of that quick retouch I did, to show what can be done. Nothing that will end up in my portfolio. Shown here for illustrative purposes only.

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