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New Images 2017-03-05

Been awhile since any updates. So I’ve added 3 images to the website today. They are from one of the sessions with my daughter, covering her pregnancy. Got her permission to show you all the ‘funny’ variations I did do, on one of the images. They can be viewed here…

Launch of the Website

YES! It is finally time to launch the website. There are some more things waiting to be added, but please be patient. They will come with time. Hopefully you’ll find this all new website to be easy to navigate and enjoyable. If you find anything to be wrong or if there is anything you don’t understand. Send me a mail and I’ll look into it. Thanks for visiting!

Website Update

What is left to do on the site? The main structure is close to be finished. Still contemplating over a few things, add or not add a certain feature. More features involves more work ie. time on my part. Well, the main parts are on the website now. Such as the portfolios, information about me and the gear I use. One thing I’m thinking hard about is if I’m going to do a Swedish version on parts of the website. […]

Panadda Long

A good way to utilize the website, may well be to show a little of what happens Behind The Scenes.  As the first BTS out is the Panadda Long photo session, from May 1 2016. My wife and a very active assistant, is in the process of trying to instruct today’s model on how she should pose. The benefit as I see it, with my assistant meddling in this, is that I get more poses out of each session. Sometimes you can get a little […]

Johnny Roest Photography

Hi and welcome to Johnny Roest Photography. Though I’m a Swede and live and work in Sweden, this site will be in English. As you might have noticed the site is currently under development. Please feel free to check out what is already finished. There is a lot more to do and I’m contemplating adding more features to the site. We’ll see with time what I decide to do. Thank You