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Me, Johnny Roest

About me

Who am I?
Why the passion for photography and image making?

Johnny Roest - background history

Lived in and around Göteborg (Gothenburg), Sweden, since birth (1960). My daily bread, I get through my job at Volvo Cars. Worked there since 1988. Before Volvo, I worked as a teacher in computer programming. Seems like ages ago, now.

Photography is a great interest in my life, but not the only one. Music, another very creative field, partakes in my life too. When I really feel for some music, I play on one of my instruments.

Has always been curious about things. Why is it like that? How does it work? How did it come to be like this? That is why history, is another great interest of mine. I'm generally hungry for knowledge.

In 2010 I married Wannapa, who is not only my wife but indeed my very best friend. She understands my passion for photography and shares it to some extent. Together we pour love over our dog, Doris.
I have a grown daughter from a previous marriage. She makes me proud and soon she will make me a grandfather too. Be prepared for tons of pictures ;-)

As you have figured out by now, I do not photograph professionally on a full time basis. However I do on a semi-professional level. Meaning I do take on assignments from time to time.

Passion - image making

I've been creating images since as long as I can remember. It began with crayons and pencils. To illustrate this, here is a drawing I did in grade 6 elementary school.

What drives me today, with the techniques that are available now, is how close can I get to realize an idea. I do of course practice the traditional, classic way to photograph as well. All forms of photography is satisfactory for my spiritual needs of image making.

But the real challenge for me is to take it one or more steps further. And it is these images that will find its way into the portfolios under Conceptual. The best personal reward is when I deliver on an assignment along those lines.


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